Race Spec Nissan R35 GT1R C127 Dash Adapter Loom

As always, in a collaborative effort with T1 Race Development, we are able to offer the first ever PnP MoTeC C127 adapter loom for your Nissan R35 GTR. 

By reverse engineering the factory electronics, GT1R was able to decipher all of the channels associated with the factory gauge cluster. This includes the peripheral buttons on the dashboard, OEM CANbus integration and auxiliary sensors. 

By sourcing genuine, OEM connectors this harness plugs into the chassis side of the dash harness and allows you to connect a MoTeC C127 without any modifications to your factory wiring harness. It includes provisions for ethernet comms, an additional CANbus, GPS-L10 and spare I/O. 

The dash is provided with a specific, proprietary configuration for the OEM CANbus data streams and I/O. We are in the process of offering a MoTeC Display Creator configuration that will look identical to the OEM cluster design but with all of the additional functionality that a C127 has to offer. 

This package paired with the Forged Performance C127 Bezel allows for a truly OEM fit and finish. 

These are only available with the purchase of a C127 dash which includes a calibration, the Forged Performance bezel is optional.