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Raychem ATUM

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Raychem ATUM

  • Medium-wall 4:1 ratio adhesive lined heat shrink tubing
  • Environmentally seals and protects components and interconnections
  • Adhesive bonds to plastics, rubbers, and metals
  • Operating Temperature -55° to 110°C (-67° to 230°F)
  • Installation Temperature110°C (230°F)
  • Sizes Specified by mm, the first representing the supplied diameter and the second representing the shrunk diameter
    Example ATUM-12/3 is supplied 12mm ID and will shrink to 3mm ID
    Dependent on your shipping method or your order's required box size, the supplied 4ft stick may be cut down in equal sections. If you require a continual 4ft stick please make sure to request this in the notes section during checkout.

Please note, Due to worldwide shortage we are limited on stock. If you need a specific size and quantity, please reach out via e-mail for availability.