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Twisted CAN Wire

Twisted CAN Wire

  • $ 4200

Specialty Twisted Pair CAN Wire

    M22759/32 Tefzel Wire

    • Specific designation of MIL-Spec wire commonly used in motorsport
    • Available in 22-24AWG
    • Industry Standard White/Green pair
    • Specified twist rate ideal for application
    • Conductor Tinned Copper
    • Temperature Rating 150°C
    • Insulation Fluoropolymer Cross-linked Modified ETFE Single Insulation
    • Insulation Thickness .005" Minimum
    • Insulation Resistance 5,000 megohms for 1000ft Minimum
    • Voltage Rating 600 Volts
    • Impusle Dielectric Test 100% test, 8.0 kV Peak

    We have a minimum order quantity of 50ft. 

    Wire is shipped spooled. Please choose the required length and adjust the quantity counter if you want multiple spools of the same color. 

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