Matt Owen - owner of Dedicated Motorsports did his usual against the grain activity with his Lexus IS300 and put a LS3 in it - but that wasn't enough, so he one-up'd himself and added a pair of Precision turbochargers in between his own custom built...well everything is custom built on this car.
Matt contacted us to produce a bespoke engine loom to go along with his MoTeC M150, and we did so without ever seeing the car in person. We worked closely from start to finish by means of some sketches submitted by Matt along with exchanging many different ideas to ensure a proper fitting finished product to go along with such a project.

Notable Accomplishments
Fastest GM 6-Speed Transmission with IRS
2nd Fastest GM 6-Speed transmission vehicle in the world
Best 1/4 Mile ET 8.76 @ 176mph
Photos by: Larry Chen