Raychem SCL

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Raychem SCL Heat Shrink Tubing

  • Encapsulant Lined 2:1,Semi-Rigid heat shrink tubing
  • Provides moisture resistance, strain relief, and electrical insulation for splices and terminations
  • Can be pinched and blocked while hot to form a wire breakout
  • Rugged protection against abrasion, vibrations, flexing, and some chemicals
  • Dual-Wall Semi-Rigid crosslinked polyolefin outer, meltaple polyolefin inner
  • Operating Temperature -55° to 110°C (-67° to 230°F)
  • Installation Temperature135°C (275°F)

    Dependent on your shipping method or your order's required box size, the supplied 4ft stick may be cut down in equal sections. If you require a continual 4ft stick please make sure to request this in the notes section during checkout.