Shawn Ramey is the owner of Ramey Built, a premier race preparation shop located in Virginia Beach, VA. After our mutual success with previous projects, a collaborative effort was set into motion for us to produce a complete wiring and electronics package for this pristine example of craftsmanship - the 4Piston/Ramey Built SFWD Honda Civic.

    The goal of the project was to design and construct a bespoke wiring loom package to fit the current requirements, while also allowing for easily serviceability and expansion if required that would take all of the abuse found in drag racing. Deutsch Autosport connectors were used exclusively for the high-density interconnects found throughout the vehicle, with the rest of each loom being built to System 25 standards. As with any professional race program, spares for critical components and accessories were sorted out as well to allow for quick maintenance in between rounds where every second counts.

    The final product consisted of (16) independent looms along with the required battery cable and in it's entirety, the complete vehicle wiring weighed in at 18.8lbs.
    MoTeC ADL, MoTeC M800, MoTeC PDM15, MoTeC SLM, M&W ProDrag4, RaceGrade 8-Position Keypad, RaceGrade TC8

    Specialty Sensors
    4-Corner Shock Travel,4-Corner Wheel Speed, I/R Front Tire Temp, I/R Track Temp, Baro w/ Ambient Air Temp, Clutch Pressure,Front Brake Pressure, Staging Brake Pressure, GPS, Ultrasonic Ride Height

    Notable Accomplishments
    Best 1/4 Mile E.T.  7.97
    Best 1/4 Mile MPH  188MPH
    2015 HDay ZMax Runner-Up
    2015 HDay E-Town Winner
    2015 OGS Fall Nationals SFWD Winner
    2016 HDay E-Town-1 SFWD Winner
    2016 HDay Zmac Winner
    2016 OGS HDay SFWD Points Series Championship