The T1 Race Development GTR, or more appropriately the GT1R is one of the finest you'll ever lay your eyes on. We have been fortunate enough to work with Tony and the T1 Race Development family for some time now, and this project was a special undertaking. 

A complete engine loom (now brought to market) was designed and produced to integrate the various input/output additions a project like this requires as well as to solve the issue of the OEM wiring not being designed to withstand the environment created from the 2400whp that is created in the engine compartment. This mates with the MoTeC R35 GTR Adapter Box & M150 ECU, allowing for a virtually plug-in solution.

Notable Accomplishments
First GTR to reach 230mph in the 1/2 mile, current record holder at 235.6mph
First and only GTR to break 210mph at the Texas Invitational
First to surpass 2400whp on the Nissan VR38
Best 1/4 Mile ET 7.38 @ 196 MPH, Best MPH 204 MPH