Race Spec Honda B-Series Ultra Loom Package

Our signature Honda B-Series engine loom, trusted and relied on by the fastest SFWD cars in the world.


  • Raychem DR-25, Raychem System 25 boots/transitions
  • Deutsch Autosport bulkhead
  • MIL-Spec 'Tefzel' wire, color coded
  • Genuine AMP, Delphi, Deutsch automotive connectors
  • Genuine OEM mating connectors for retained circuits
  • Support for (8) injectors


  • MoTeC Engine Management

This package consists of the engine, ignition, injection and chassis looms with an optional fused relay box and switch panel.

Upon receipt of your order, a PDF Loom Spec Form will be e-mailed so we can gather all of the required information to produce your bespoke wiring solution.

Each Race Spec loom is built to order to ensure all of the client's specifications are met, shown is an example with the following provisions:


    • Deutsch Autosport Bulkhead
    • Standard Engine Sensors
      • Air Temperature, Engine Temperature, EMAP, Fuel Pressure, Manifold Pressure, Oil Pressure, Throttle Position, T1 Cam Trigger, Lambda
    • Added Logging Sensors
      • Oil Temperature, Clutch Pressure, Crankcase Pressure, Water Pressure, Wastegate Position, Drive Speed, Input Shaft Speed, Turbo Speed
    • Components
      • (8) Injectors, (4) Coils, (2) Wastegate Solenoids, Starter Solenoid, RaceGrade TC8 (EGT Module)


    • Circuit Provisions
      • CAN, Comms, Ground Speed, RaceGrade IMU (Accelerometer/Gyro), Relay, Spare, Strain Gage

    Optional Deutsch Autosport Disconnects

    • Ignition
      • Allows for the coil loom to be disconnected by one connector, allowing easier/faster servicing of the engine
    • Injection
      • Allows for all injectors (throttle position, manifold pressure, fuel pressure optional) to be disconnected by one connector, ideal when removing the entire intake manifold in between rounds
    • Front Chassis
      • Allows for the front chassis portion of the engine loom to be disconnected without disconnecting each individual component. 
        Typical front chassis components: Compressor Inlet Pressure, Compressor Outlet Temperature, Exhaust Manifold Pressure, (2) Wastegate Position Sensors, (2) Wastegate Solenoids, Turbo Shaft Speed

    Optional Fused Relay Box w/ Switch Panel

    • Circuit Provisions
      • ECU/IGN Relay, Starter Relay, Fuel Pump Relay, H2O Pump Relay, Fan Relay
    • Switch Panel
      • IGN Switch, H2O Pump Override, Fan Override, Front/Rear Lights, Spare