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Race Spec Honda K-Series Ultra Loom Package

Our Honda K-Series Ultra loom was designed to provide a solution for the compact and 'busy' engine compartments typically found along with these engines. Care was taken during the design process to ensure all portions of the loom were routed away from all heat sources - a common issue with this application. Depending on the chassis, the loom's main body is typically ran down the passenger side frame rail and along the front of the engine - allowing for large frame turbos and fender exit exhausts without any cause for concern. Additionally, we have two other layouts for this engine to suit your project.


  • Raychem DR-25, Raychem System 25 boots/transitions
  • Deutsch Autosport bulkhead
  • MIL-Spec 'Tefzel' wire, color coded
  • Genuine AMP, Delphi, Deutsch automotive connectors
  • Genuine OEM mating connectors for retained circuits
  • Support for (8) injectors


  • MoTeC Engine Management

This package consists of the engine and chassis looms with an optional fused relay box and switch panel.

Upon receipt of your order, a PDF Loom Spec Form will be e-mailed so we can gather all of the required information to produce your bespoke wiring solution.

Each Race Spec loom is built to order to ensure all of the client's specifications are met, shown is an example with the following provisions:


    • Deutsch Autosport Bulkhead
    • Standard Engine Sensors
      • Air Temperature, Engine Temperature, Exhaust Cam Position, Intake Cam Position, Crank Position, EMAP, Fuel Pressure, Dual Output Gear Position, Manifold Pressure, Oil Pressure, Throttle Position, Lambda
    • Added Logging Sensors
      • Oil Temperature, Drive Speed, Ethanol Content, Water Pressure
    • Components
      • (8) Injectors, (4) Coils, VTC Solenoid, VTEC Solenoid, (2) Wastegate Solenoids, Starter Solenoid 


    • Circuit Provisions
      • CAN, Comms, Ground Speed, Relay, Spare, Strain Gage

    Optional Fused Relay Box w/ Switch Panel

    • Circuit Provisions
      • ECU/IGN Relay, Starter Relay, Fuel Pump Relay, H2O Pump Relay, Fan Relay
    • Switch Panel
      • IGN Switch, H2O Pump Override, Fan Override, Front/Rear Lights, Spare