Race Spec® SS 1.0 Mating Connector Kits

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Race Spec® SS 1.0 Connector Kit


  • Required connector housings for your ECU selection
  • Required quantity of Race Spec® SS 1.0 Solid Contacts to fully populate your ECU + (5) Spares
  • (10) Cavity Plugs
  • Optional RaceGrade Backshells

Available For

  • MoTeC M122, M130, M800, PDM15, PDM30, E888
  • MoTeC M142, M150
  • ECUMaster Pro8, Pro16
  • Emtron SL4, KV8, KV12, KV16
  • Haltech Platinum Sport, Haltech Elite
  • Link G4x (Dual Connector)
  • Link G4 Monsoon, Thunder (Quad Connector)
  • Link G5 Voodoo Pro
  • FuelTech F550/F600
  • Holley Dominator
  • Haltech Nexus R3 (Includes DTP)

Required Tooling