OMP 310 ALU GT Steering Wheel

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OMP 310 ALU GT Steering Wheel

Flat steering wheel with aluminium spokes, trimmed in suede leather, intended for GT cars.


  • Pilot Drilled Hub Mounting Holes
  • Provisions for Driver Buttons/Switches (Otto P9 are a perfect fit)
  • Provisions for Mounting MoTeC C125 
    NOTE: V2 C125 dashes require standoffs which will remove functionality of the USB 'quick' logging port, log files will be downloaded via the ethernet comms cable). 


    • Diameter : 315 x 226mm
    • Dish : Flat
    • Grip Section : Oval (36 x 30mm)

    Pictures include a previous steering wheel assembly we produced for Dan Kroll (DPK Racing/IAG Performance for reference).