OEM Honda Engine Connector Kit

Race Spec OEM Honda Engine Connector Kit

We've consolidated a 'master kit' of genuine connectors for the DIY market.


  • (5) Round 2-Pin Connector Kit
    • Air Temp, Engine Temp, Fan Switch, Knock, VTEC Pressure Switch
  • (2) Round 3-Pin Connector Kits
    • MAP, TPS
  • VSS Connector Kit
  • OBD2 Alternator Kit
  • VTEC Solenoid Connector Kit 
  • (4) EV1 Connector Kits
  • Choice of OBD1 or OBD2 Distributor & ECU Connector Kits

Additional Options:

  • (1) Deutsch DTM4P Kit (T1 Cam Trigger)
  • (4) K-Series Coil Connector Kits
  • (4) EV6 Connector Kits
  • (4) Denso Connector Kits