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High Density MIL-Spec Connector Kits

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MIL-Spec Connector Kit

Industry standard MIL-Spec mating connector kit available in multiple planforms (contact arrangements). 

This series of MIL-Spec connectors uses three different contact sizes which offer different ampacity ratings and wire sizing.

Contact Details

  • Size 20    Ampacity 7.5A  Wire Size 20-24AWG
  • Size 16    Ampacity13A   Wire Size 16-20AWG
  • Size 12    Ampacity23A   Wire Size 12-14AWG


  • Flange Mount Receptacle, Socket
  • Straight Plug, Pin
  • Applicable contacts, sealing plugs, I/R tools


  • Size 14 Shell, 19-Position
    (19) Size 20 rated to 7.5A
  • Size 16 Shell, 26-Position
    (26) Size 20 rated to 7.5A
  • Size 20 Shell, 41-Position
    (41) Size 20 rated to 7.5A
  • Size 22 Shell, 55-Position
    (55) Size 20 rated to 7.5A
  • Size 22 Shell, 32-Position, Hybrid Planform  
    (26) Size 20 rated to 7.5A, (6) Size 12 rated to 23A
  • Size 24 Shell, 61-Position
    (61) Size 20 rated to 7.5A