Kaizen Relay

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Kaizen Relay
  • The highest current capacity solid state relay on the market, intended for PWM use with inductive loads
  • Over current and over temperature protection
  • Rated to 40A
  • Capable of high frequency switching at full capacity
  • Built-in flyback diode
  • Ideal for large radiator fans, fuel pumps, nitrous solenoids, heavy current light bars, trans brakes, line locks, electric water pumps and nearly anything else you need to power
  • Allows additional relays to be connected and powered up instantly
  • Weather resistant
  • Installs without tools
  • Patent Pending
  • Optional CAN enabled Control Module offers advanced functionality
    • Connects to the side of a Kaizen Relay without tools
    • Allows the Kaizen Relay to be activated via CAN inputs OR analog inputs
    • 3x Outputs
    • 3x Analog Inputs
    • Single CAN bus
    • Programmable via micro USB
    • Application specific programming
    • Can also function as an analog to CAN converter
  • Optional label set

We are a stocking distributor and Development Partner of the Kaizen Relay. With in-house development services we can offer application specific firmware for your project or integrated product line. Please contact us for more information.