Steinel HG2620E Bench Mount

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Custom designed bench heat gun mount for the Steinel HG2620E heat gun by RPM Engineering.

  • .100 344 Stainless Steel
  • High temp neoprene bumper
  • Printed PETG receiver with brass inserts matches the taper of the HG2620E heat gun’s housing
    • Alternately can accept the heat gun's base to position the nozzle upwards, serving as a holder for long term use while also freeing up both hands
  • Multiple bolt patterns with a base width of 2" (designed for a 2” bench leg)
  • 15-Degree outward lean for ergonomics
  • Keeps your tool safely in place during assembly
    • No more drops off the bench
    • No more elbow burns
    • Frees up bench space