Steinel HG2620E Professional Heat Gun

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Delivering 1750 W of power, the HG 2620 E hot air tool is controlled by a toggle in 10 °F steps between 120 - 1300 °F while letting you set four individually tailored programs. The temperature is indicated on the LCD information display where it is easy to read at any time. The airflow rate is continuously variable between 2 – 13 cfm and is easy to adjust. Full air-pressure power is 3,000 Pa. The powerful brushless motor gives our flagship tool a working life of over 10,000 hours. Thanks to its robust design as well as the specially protected electronics with fine dust filter, four individually selectable programs and the heavy-duty H07 power cord, it is the safest, most dependable heat tool for any professional application.

  • Display in Field of Vision
  • Plug-in heating element
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Safety heat indicator
  • Fine dust particle filter included
  • 4 memory programs
  • Field changeable power cord
  • LOC function
  • Restart protection

Nozzle reflectors are sold separately.