Race Spec Honda B-Series PRO Loom

Our signature Honda B-Series engine loom, trusted and relied on by the fastest SFWD cars in the world.


  • 1-Piece Design, mates directly to ECU (no bulkhead)
  • Raychem DR-25, Raychem System 25 boots/transitions
  • MIL-Spec 'Tefzel' wire, color coded
  • Genuine AMP, Delphi, Deutsch automotive connectors
  • Genuine OEM mating connectors for retained circuits
  • Support for (8) injectors


  • MoTeC M800 or M84 Engine Management.

Our PRO (Professional Resources Only) loom is built to the same high standards as our Ultra package, though does not include a bulkhead, ignition, or injection disconnect and mates directly to the MoTeC M800.

These are built to our specification based on building custom looms for clients competing in this class (and setting records) over the past five years. The only thing you will select is the primary and secondary injector type. The purpose of this loom is to provide a 'one-size fits all' solution to those not requiring a bespoke product as found with our Ultra loom. 


    • Engine
      • Standard Engine Sensors
        • Air Temperature, Engine Temperature, EMAP, Fuel Pressure, Manifold Pressure, Oil Pressure, Throttle Position, T1 Cam Trigger, Lambda
      • Added Logging Sensors
        • Oil Temperature, Clutch Pressure, Crankcase Pressure, Turbo Outlet Pressure, Water Pressure, Wastegate Position, Drive Speed, Input Shaft Speed, Turbo Speed
      • Components
        • (8) Injectors, (4) Coils, (2) Wastegate Solenoids, VTEC Solenoid, Starter Solenoid, RaceGrade TC8 (EGT Module)
    • Cabin
      • CAN, Comms, GPS, Ground Speed, Relay, Spare, Strain Gage