Race Spec Nissan R35 GT1R Ultra Engine Loom Package

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In a collaborative effort with T1 Race Development, we are able to offer the finest motorsport wiring loom package available for the Nissan R35 GTR.

Centered around the MoTeC M150 R35 GTR PnP Kit and built to T1's stringent GT1R specifications, a solution was designed to suit high horsepower applications with advanced sensor logging and component requirements that utilizes the appropriate material and build technique required to produce a resilient and functional product, while replacing the brittle factory wiring and limited functionality associated with it.


  • Raychem DR-25, Raychem System 25 boots/transitions
  • Deutsch Autosport bulkhead and in-line connectors
  • MIL-Spec 'Tefzel' wire, color coded
  • Genuine AMP, Delphi, Deutsch automotive connectors
  • Genuine OEM mating connectors for retained circuits
  • Support for (18) Injectors
  • Support for intercooler water pump


The package consists of five independent looms:


  • Deutsch Autosport Bulkhead, Primary Injection In-line
  • Standard Engine Sensors
    • Air Temperature, Bank 1 Boost Pressure, Bank 2 Boost Pressure, Bank 1 Cam Position, Bank 2 Cam Position, Bank 1/ Cam Solenoid, Bank 2 Cam Solenoid, Crank, Engine Temperature, Bank 1 Knock, Bank 2 Knock, MAP, Bank 1 Throttle, Bank 2 Throttle
  • Added Logging Sensors
    • Bank 1 EMAP, Bank 2 EMAP, Crankcase Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Water Pressure
  • Added Components
    • RaceGrade TC8, Engine Spare

Primary Injection

  • Deutsch Autosport Subloom
  • Injector 1-6 Primary

Secondary Injection

  • Deutsch Autosport Subloom
  • Injector 1-6 Secondary/Tertiary


  • (2) Mating connectors to integrate with the MoTeC M150 Adapter Box
  • M150 Adapter E-Plug
  • Device Provisions
    • MoTeC C125/7 Dash, MoTeC GPS-L10, MoTeC LTC-D, MoTeC Driver Trim Switch, M&W Pro-Drag6 CDI Ignition
  • Circuit Provisions
    • Auto Shift Control, FWD Clutch Control, (4) Spare Switch Input, OEM Chassis Integration, OEM Power Supply, Front Chassis Loom I/O,  Auxiliary M150 I/O
  • (2) Fuse/Relay Pack for secondary injection and intercooler water pump

Front Chassis

  • Deutsch Autosport Subloom
  • Standard Sensors
    • Oil Temperature (dry sump applications)
  • Added Logging Sensors
    • Post I/C Temperature, Oil Pressure, Bank 1 Turbo Speed, Bank 2 Turbo Speed, Bank 1 Turbo Outlet Temperature, Bank 1 Wastegate Position, Bank 2 Wastegate Position
  • Added Devices
    • Intercooler water pump, Wastegate Solenoid 1, Wastegate Solenoid 2

These are built to order and exclusively available through T1 Race Development.