MoTeC M170 ECU

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MoTeC’s M170 ECU begins a new era in engine control. The M1’s unique technology redefines the meaning of customization, delivering total control without compromise, and highly advanced security strategies make these ECUs ideal for both category managed and unrestricted applications.


  • 8 Peak & Hold Injector Drivers
  • 8 Lowside Ignition Outputs
  • 2 Lowside Auxiliary Outputs
  • 6 Half Bridge Outputs
  • 8 Universal Digital Inputs
  • 8 Analog Voltage Inputs
  • 4 Analog Temperature Inputs
  • 2 Knock Inputs
  • 1 CAN Bus
  • 250 MB Logging

Physical Information

  • Connectors
    • 1 x 66 pin Autosport
  • Case size 107 x 127 x 39 mm
  • Weight 310g


    • Small and light in robust magnesium enclosure
    • Port injection injector type
    • Large logging memory
    • Latest generation high performance processor
    • Customizable configuration (see separate section)
    • Customizable firmware / functionality
    • Suitable for modern engines with DBW, Cam control and a CAN bus.
    • Advanced logging features, high speed, multiple logs (with access logins), I/O expansion, Pro Analysis
    • Flexible tuning software
    • Robust and comprehensive security features (see separate section)
    • Programmable injector drive characteristics
    • Programmable digital input system for Ref/Sync, wheel speeds etc.
    • Programmable trigger levels, diagnostics
    • All Low Side and Half Bridge outputs have PWM capability

    Available Upgrades

    • Various Logging Options
    • Configuration
    • Locked Configuration
    • Standard Configuration
    • Open Configuration


    • Microsoft Windows™ based software
    • PC Tuning software ‘Tune’ - Used to tune fuel and ignition, set up sensors, outputs and available functions
    • PC Software ‘Build’- Used to create a custom software package with user specific functions