US Raychem DR-25-1/8" (By The Foot)

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Raychem DR-25-1/8"

  • Industry standard 2:1 heat shrink tubing
  • 'US Market' with yellow tracer
  • Specially formulated for optimum high temperature fluid resistance and long-term exposure to elevated temperatures
  • Flame retardant and resistant to aviation and diesel fuels, hydraulic fluids, and lubricating oils
  • Ideally suited for military vehicles and the demand of motorsport applications
  • Use with System 25 molded parts and the appropriate adhesive to produce the highest quality finished product
  • Operating Temperature -75° to 150°C (-103° to 302°F)
  • Installation Temperature175°C (347°F)
  • By The Foot - If you'd like to purchase a full spool, click here

If you'd like more information about DR-25, please refer to theDR-25 PDF