Raychem HTAT

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Visually similar to Raychem's ATUM tubing, HTAT has specific benefits in certain use applications. The adhesive is much better than ATUM, and the dual-wall composition results in a more rigid final recovery that is favorable in higher heat areas. Purposely designed for irregular connector sealing, this is a great option for transitions as well.

  • Dual Wall, Semiflexible, 4:1 ratio adhesive lined heat shrink tubing
  • Environmentally seals and protects a range of substrates
  • Superior bonding compared to ATUM
  • Well-suited for sealing connectors covering large diameter differences between the housing and loom
  • Flame-retardant
  • Operating Temperature -55° to 125°C (-67° to 257°F)
  • Installation Temperature110°C (230°F)
  • Sizes Specified by mm, the first representing the supplied diameter and the second representing the shrunk diameter
    Example HTAT-12/3 is supplied 12mm ID and will shrink to 3mm ID

    Depending on your shipping method or your order's required box size, the supplied 4ft stick ofadhesive lined heat shrink tubing may be cut down into equal sections. If you require a continual 4ft stick please make sure to request this in the notes section during checkout.