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Race Spec Splice & Solder Sleeve Starter Kit

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Splices and solder sleeves are an integral part of building any electrical harness as they help distribute supply voltage and grounds to various circuits. There are a variety of different splices and solder sleeves available and we've assembled them into a starter kit to eliminate some of the uncertainty that comes with it  

These kits will help you start your harness build with ease and includes SCL to protect your completed splice and RW-175 to protect the wire under the solder sleeve. The kit comes packaged in a locking lid organizer with nearly $200 in savings bundled in compared to buying each in low quantity.

Raychem Splices:

  • (25) Raychem D-609-03 Mini-Seal Splices
  • (25) Raychem D-609-04 Mini-Seal Splices
  • (25) Raychem D-609-05 Mini-Seal Splices
  • (25) Raychem D-609-06 Mini-Seal Butt Splices
  • (25) Raychem D-609-07 Mini-Seal Butt Splices
  • (25) Raychem D-609-08 Mini-Seal Butt Splices

Molex Splices:

  • (25) Molex 12-10AWG
  • (25) Molex 8AWG
  • (25) Molex 6AWG
  • (25) Molex 4AWG

Solder Sleeves: 

  • (25) Raychem S01-02-R
  • (25) Raychem S01-03-R
  • (25) Raychem S01-04-R
  • (25) Raychem S01-05-R

SCL & RW-175: 

  • (50) RW-175 - 1/8" – .625" Length 
  • (25) SCL 3/16 – .750" Length 
  • (25) SCL 3/16 – 1.125" Length