RS Ident Starter Kit

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Race Spec Ident Starter Kit

"What should I use to print labels?" is a question we get asked very often. The answer has always been a desktop unit with pre-flattened tubing. We previously had these available from Kroy though they were discontinued in 2021. The machines were a bit archaic, required a serial or parallel port adapter, required some driver work arounds, and a bit of creativity to create templates. The tubing came on a 100ft spool and had the potential to be cost prohibitive for some just getting started.

Handheld printers may be attractive at first glance with their lower cost, portability, and convenience however their required tubing cartridges are incredibly wasteful and cost much more than needed when you look at it from a cost per foot basis.

A genuine manufacturer's cartridge of the most commonly used 1/4" 3:1 is +$30 and only includes 5ft of tubing....that's $6/ft! The other notable issue is that you often will not have clarity on the type of tubing being supplied, and it very well may not be the best option for motorsport. Just like the various heat shrink tubing types used when constructing a loom, the tubing used for the ident is intended to be of a certain standard and quality as well.

We have sold +20pc of these printers to wholesale customers and other loom builders and they have been a welcomed resolution to the void left by Kroy over the past 18 months.

Printer Features

  • 300dpi printhead
  • 2" transfer ribbon
  • USB connection
  • Integrated auto-cutter (can be disabled)
  • Up to 3" per second print speed
  • Much more versatile layout options than using a handheld printer
  • Tubing guides included for 1/4" and smaller tubing
  • Prints on pre-flattened tubing
  • Includes Seagull Bartender software but can be much more easily used with our custom Microsoft Word template available here.

We are releasing these only as a kit for BF2023 though will be offering them individually along with pre-flattened tubing in the coming weeks. This tubing comes on a manufacturer spool of 400ft in some sizes and we have transferred them down to lower cost 50ft spools for you.

Starter Kit Contents

  • Printer
  • Power supply, USB cable
  • Black Transfer Ribbon
  • 3:1 pre-flattened tubing which meets AMS-DTL-23053/5 Class 1, 3
    • 50ft of 1/4"
    • 50ft of 3/8"
    • 50ft of 1/2"
    • 50ft of 3/4"

Select your preferred tubing color from the dropdown list. Colors cannot be mixed and matched, all tubing will be supplied in the same color.

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