Race Spec Engine Loom Label Kit

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A common issue for most DIY'ers is printing their required automotive wire labels. Handheld printers can be had for as little as $200 but the cartridges are not cost effective. 

A bench top unit like the Kroy K4350 is the best bet, though the initial investment is quite costly.

While we do not offer custom printed labels on their own, this complete wiring harness label kit will suit the majority of most 4-8 Cylinder applications.

Printed on 3:1 pre-flattened yellow tubing that meets MIL-I 23053/5 Class I and III, MIL-I R 46846 Type V, and is UL-224VW-I rated. Also includes Raychem RT-375 to provide protection for each marker while retaining exceptional clarity.

Label Kit Includes

  • Cam, In Cam, Ex Cam, Crank
  • INJ 1, INJ 2, INJ 3, INJ 4, INJ 5, INJ 6, INJ 7, INJ 8
  • Coil 1, Coil 2, Coil 3, Coil 4, Coil 5, Coil 6, Coil 7, Coil 8
  • Air Temp, Eng Temp, Oil Temp, Trans Temp
  • EMAP, MAP, Baro, Clutch PSI, Crank PSI, Fuel PSI, H2O PSI, Nitrous PSI, Oil PSI, Turbo PSI
  • DBW, Pedal, TPS, WG Pos, WG Pos 1, WG Pos 2
  • Flex Fuel, Clutch Speed, Drive Speed, Input Speed, Turbo Speed
  • Boost Sol, Boost Sol 2, Cam Sol, Idle, Nitrous Sol, VTC
  • Knock, Knock 2, Lambda, Lambda 2
  • LTC, TC8, Comms
  • ALT, Ground, Starter
  • AUX 1, AUX 2, Spare