MSEL 2-10 Position Rotary Switch with Right Angle Boot

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The MSEL 2-10 position rotary dial is a great way to add adjustability of parameters without the need of plugging in with a laptop. A great example is for traction control, the driver can simply turn the dial if the track conditions change and the ECU can change slip / range targets immediately.

The right angle version works great on steering wheels, reducing the total depth of the switch and positions the wiring in the correct orientation.

The dial is supplied with two options of 30mm black adhesive decals, a 0-9 version as well as a +/- 4 version for delta adjustments. Additional dial decals in various colours can be purchased separately in the accessories section below.

As standard there are 10 positions on the dial, an additional pin is supplied that can be used to limit the number of positions / where the dial limits are.

The dial can be connected to most aftermarket loggers / ECUs using a voltage input with a 5V supply. The dial can also be connected to a temperature input (leave the 5V wire disconnected).


Supply Voltage (Vcc): 5-8V
Output Voltage: 10 to 90% of Vcc
Max Panel Thickness:4mm
Connector:None (300mm fly lead)
Pinout:Black - Ground / 0V, Blue - Output Signal, Red - 5-8V Supply