MoTeC 6-Button Rotary CAN Keypad

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Available with optional label sheets!

The 6-ButtonMoTeC Rotary Switch Panel is a fully customizedCAN keypad designed specifically for your vehicle. The lower two buttons feature a 'back' and 'scroll' logo, while the top three buttons can take any keypad label as found on label sheets. It will enhance the integration of MoTeC dash products as a standalone application, and even be used along with MoTeC ECU's and PDM's when a full suite of MoTeC hardware is fitted. The CAN keypadincludes a new rotary encoder and is backlit with adjustable brightness to work equally as well at night as during the day.


  • Small, lightweight & compact package
  • Rugged design for use in extreme environments
  • Backlit customize graphical symbols available
  • Simplify wiring, only four wires required for multiple buttons
  • Short circuit, reverse polarity protection
  • 6-Button (Top Left, Top Center, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Rotary Center)

NOTE: This is a brand new product and direct hardware support is currently limited. They are NOT a plug-in replacement to use with MoTeC PDM's in place of the common 8-Position & 15-Position keypads. 

We have finalized a MoTeC dash configuration specifically for use with this MoTeC Rotary Switch Panel, as well as the corresponding custom communications template which will be available to clients purchasing a dash and/or keypad. We can also add in any functionality for request/switch/state back to your ECU or PDM by request.

Due to the custom channels assigned and the background logic required, we prefer to offer the entire configuration as a start file to ensure the most efficient integration into your project.

Please contact us with any questions.