KS Tuned Walk Blocker

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The Walk Blocker acts as an extra guide on the timing tensioner pulley to prevent the timing belt from walking off the cam gears.

*Compatible with : H22, F20b , & H23 VTEC (Bluetop)

The Walk Blocker Kit includes:

  • Walk Blocker Ring (Tight tolerance, machined 304 stainless steel)
  • J-B Weld 

*JB Weld WTF!? Yep, JB Weld! We didn't believe it at first either! We tested multiple industrial grade adhesives and some of them were very, very expensive! But none of the adhesives or two-part epoxies that we tested had even close to the holding power and temperature range of JB Weld. So while we definitely don't recommend "JB Welding" your block back together, or "JB Welding" your intercooler tubing we do recommend that you use the included JB Weld to bond your Walk Blocker Ring to your timing tensioner pulley!

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We designed this product after hearing from so many people that their timing belt was walking off the edge of the cam gears. This is usually caused by having the timing belt too tight. But having it tighter than stock is sometimes required with aftermarket cams to keep the belt from flopping around. When you have to (or want to) run your belt tighter than stock then you'll need the walk blocker to keep your belt from walking off the edge of the cam gears. This is due to the design of the tension arm. We made a video explaining why this happens. You can see it here.