KS tuned H2b Oil Pan

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Imagine that you're driving your H2b swapped car and you find yourself in a road construction zone. There's dudes in orange suits and reflective signs guiding you over gravel and potholes. Your car is slammed. Now in an H2b swapped car your stock oil pan is the lowest part of your car. But with our oil pan, you get over an inch of extra ground clearance. That's the difference between a hole in your oil pan and a normal day. So do yourself a favor, and do what you know is right. Use the pan designed for the swap you have. There are many other features as well: 


  • More ground clearance for lowered cars (over 1")
  • Extra oil capacity
  • Axle clearance built-in
  • Oil Drainback for turbo or catch-can oil return
  • Threaded hole in the pan flange to easily separate the pan from the block
  • Fasteners and gasket included
  • Optional stainless oil pan baffle for racers (drag racing, road racing and anyone who drives their car hard should have this)

What engines does it fit? ALL H-series and F-series blocks:

  • H22
  • H23
  • F22
  • F23
  • F20b


Installation Notes:

  • We strongly recommend using OEM oil pickup tube Part number: 15220-PAA-A00 (F20b oil pickup is also also acceptable because it is taller than the H22 oil pickup)
  • We keep the recommended oil pick-up tunes in stock, it can be purchased here.
*If you use the OEM H22 oil pickup tube, the inlet will be over ½” from the pan floor. This is not ideal!  


Installation Guide


What’s different about this oil pan?


It's only for H2b swapped cars. Don't use it unless your engine is mated to a B-series transmission.

The engine sits at a completely different angle in H2b swapped cars, without modification you can't even drain all the oil out of an H2b swapped car with the stock pan.

Our H2b oil pan is made from cast aluminum and provides over an inch of additional ground clearance so lowered cars don’t knock a hole in the pan. We also locate the oil pickup tube into a small trough so your engine always gets the oil it needs. 



What about oil starvation, does this pan have baffles?

Oil starvation is handled in two ways:

  1. This pan holds more oil than a stock pan

  2. The oil pickup is located low and near the walls of the pan so it uses the walls of the pan to keep the pickup submerged

*Baffles and any additional features can be added, but it may add cost. We’ll make this pan however the H2b community wants it!