Kaizen Relay Control Module for Solid State Relay

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Kaizen Relay Control Module for controlling Kaizen Relays

Never before has this level of control been made available in such a small and inexpensive package! The Control Module is the brain for up to three Kaizen Relays and is programmable* via Micro USB. The Control Module can use CAN data (anything available from your diagnostic connector) to trigger anything you want. The Control Module also accepts switched inputs and can be programmed to use them in any combination!

Wiring is connected to the Control Module without the need for crimped pins or special tools! Simply strip the insulation from the end and insert the wire while depressing the button - that's it! 

Kaizen Relays sold separately. 

The Control Module has the following inputs and outputs: 

  • 3x Low-side outputs with PWM capability
  • 3x analog inputs (Hi or Low-side OK)
  • 1x CANbus 

*Programming requires Arduino experience, or will arrive pre-programmed for your specific application. Contact programs@kaizenspeed.com for details!

The complete User Guide is AVAILABLE HERE

*USB Cable now included with every Control Module!