Ideal Custom Stripmaster Lite, 24-30 AWG

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The Ideal Custom Stripmaster Lite is a variant of the popular Stripmaster Lite that has a specific blade set for 24-30AWG. The standard Stripmaster Lite covers 16-24AWG but, this model is best suited for top tier motorsport and aerospace data looms. Like all the specific Ideal parts we carry, this is meant for M22759/32 or TE Spec 55 wire.

The Ideal Stripmaster Lite is our personal favorite as it is 25% smaller and ~60% lighter, fitting in the palm of your hand.


  • LB-917 blades (Custom Stripmaster Lite)
  • Die-type blades allow precision stripping
  • Contains counterbored hole sized to insulation and inner stripping hole sized to conductor
  • Die-types blades manufactured to assure accuracy and precision to meet tough MIL-Specs
  • Compatible with M22759/16/17
  • Compatible with M22759/32/33/44/45/46
  • Compatible with TE Spec 55 single and dual wall

Add a wire stop for repeatable strip lengths sure to reduce the amount of Advil you'll need on your next loom.