Dyno Designs Tyrannosaur Tightener (B/D-Series)

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The Tyrannosaur Tightener is a shift knuckle. It fits Honda linkage style transmissions (B and D series NOW INCLUDING JDM Type R Linkages). It was designed to replace the factory Roll Pin or Bitch Pin, as it is more commonly referred to as. The factory Roll Pin received it's apt nickname for a good reason. It's a serious pain to remove and reinstall, but that's not its only flaw. The rubber bushings in the factory shift knuckle get old, rotten and brittle, creating slop in your shift linkage. The Tyrannosaur's design takes care of all these issues. The combination of Allen bolts and the Clevis Pin make it absurdly simple to remove and install, as well as ensure that the linkage will never come off. The Allen bolts that secure the part on to the shift rod, via friction, are more than sufficient to secure the part to the transmission, but to ensure that the linkage stays attached, the clevis pin acts as a redundancy by fitting through the housing of the part and the hole in the end of the shift rod. Lastly, the bushings in the Tyrannosaur are made of Delrin instead of rubber. Delrin is a thermoplastic engineered polymer that was created to out perform other plastics in harsh environments. Some of the benefits of Delrin include:
  • Toughness at low temperature ( -40 degrees C )
  • High mechanical strength and rigidity
  • Fatigue endurance unmatched by other plastics
  • High resistance to repeated impacts
  • Excellent resistance to moisture, gasolines, solvents and many other chemicals
With the replacement of the rubber bushings, and the sturdy attachment method to the transmission, this part should remove any potential issues with slop at this particular point in the shift linkage.

See the following YouTube Video for more information