DMC AF8 Crimp Tool

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DMC AF8 Crimping Tool

Part Number M22520/1-01
Crimp Range 12-26AWG

One of the more versatile professional level crimp tools, theAF8 DMC Crimper is adaptable to many applications by use of the interchangeable and required separate head or turret.

When used with the TH1A, the following common connectors and contacts can be terminated:

MIL-C-26482 Series II

  • Size 20    Pin M39029/4-110, Socket M39029/5-115
  • Size 16    Pin M39029/4-111, Socket M39029/5-116
  • Size 12    Pin M39029/4-113, Socket M39029/5-118

Deutsch Industrial DTM/DT/DTP

  • DTM Size 20    Pin 0460-202-20141, Socket 0462-201-20141
  • DT    Size 16    Pin 0460-202-16141, Socket 0462-201-16141
  • DTP  Size 12   Pin 0460-204-12141, Socket 0462-203-12141

When used with the TH163, the following connectors and contacts can be terminated:

Deutsch Autosport Size 16

  • Size 16    Pin 38941-16, Socket 38943-16