RaceGrade TC8

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RaceGrade TC8

The RaceGrade TC8 is a CAN based device that reads up to (8) thermocouple temperature sensors, typically used for exhaust gas temperature measurement.


  • Small, lightweight & compact package
  • Easy to adapt and wire into any vehicle, just 4 wires; power, ground, CAN high and CAN low.
  • Built in amplifiers for up to 8 channels
  • Splash protection, but not waterproof


  • Input Temp Range: 0 to 1000*C
  • Thermocouple Style: K-type only
  • Operating Voltage Range: 6 to 24vDC
  • Operating Current Draw: < 0.1 Amps
  • Operating Temp Range: -40*C to 120*C
  • Dimensions: 3.5"x2.26"x1.0"
  • Weight: 173 grams
  • Mating Connector: ASL606-05SN

Utilize the drop down menus to complete your TC8 kit. 

  • Modification This option allows you to specify if you'd like a terminating resistor placed inside the case. The TC8 is commonly found at the end of the CAN bus, which will require this depending on the overall bus topology.
  • Mating Connector & Boot Adds the correct mating connector and your choice of a straight or 90º Raychem shrink boot

Additional Items

  • EGT Probe w/ Bung - We also offer Race Grade Thermocouple Sensors in 1/8" and 1/4" sizes, order individually.  Links for sensors and bungs on our site below.