IZZE Racing Tire Infrared Temperature Sensors

TheIzze-Racinginfrared tire temperature sensor is specifically designed to measure the highly transient surface temperature of a tire with spatial fidelity, providing invaluable information for chassis tuning, tire exploitation, and driver development.

The sensor is capable of measuring temperature at 16, 8, or 4 equally-spaced pixels, at a sampling frequency of up to 32Hz, object temperature between -20 to 300˚C, using CAN 2.0A protocol, enclosed in a compact IP66 rated aluminum enclosure, and priced to be affordable to all tiers of motorsport.

The tire temperature sensors may be purchased individually or as a complete kit with a motorsport-grade wiring harness.A specific version of the sensor is also available for MoTeC Hundred Series ECU's (see below for more details).