18-26AWG Custom DR-25 Cable

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M22759/32 wire pre-shrunk in Raychem DR-25 (UK, White Print).

2/3/4-Conductor configurations are terrific for sensor runs and component add-ons while our dual twisted pair cable is the perfect solution for CAN devices.

What are you going to do with all of that extra time time you're saving?

Please select your desired wire size and configuration.

2-Conductor                              Black/Red Twisted Pair
3-Conductor                              Black/Red/White Twisted Set
4-Conductor                              Black/Red/Green/White Twisted Quad (18-20AWG)
                                                    Black/Red/Blue/White Twisted Quad (24-26AWG)

(2) Twisted Pair   

  • 22AWG          Pair 1   Black/Red Twisted Pair
                           Pair 2   Yellow/Green Twisted Pair
  • 24AWG          Pair 1   Black/Red Twisted Pair
                           Pair 2   White/Green Twisted Pair
  • 26AWG          Pair 1   Black/Red Twisted Pair
                           Pair 2   White/Green Twisted Pair


Other configurations & sizes coming soon - items listed as SOLD OUT are already being manufactured.

If you have a larger quantity request and/or would like to have your own custom cable produced, please contact us. (500ft MOQ)