Race Spec PRO Switch Panel w/ Fused Relay Box

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Our built to order switch panel and fused relay box is a cost effective, reliable, and tidy solution for implementing proper power control on nearly any vehicle.


  • MIL-Spec 'Tefzel' wire, color coded
  • Raychem DR25
  • Deutsch DTM, DT, DTP Connectors
  • USB Type B Female Bulkhead for remote ECU connectivity
  • Momentary Starter Switch
  • 5 SPST Switches rated to 15A
  • Primary Switch available in black, red, or gray
  • Switch Panel Dimensions 7.75" W x 2.50" H

    This package consists of a special configuration switch panel and fused relay box built to your specification. Relays may be controlled solely via switch, via ECU, or ECU w/ a manual override.

    Upon receipt, you will have five easy steps to follow in order to integrate our FRBSP package:

    1. Mount switch panel and relay box
    2. Connect switch panel to relay box via labeled Deutsch connector
    3. Wire your fuel pump, water pump (if applicable), fan, chassis lights to the designated Deutsch connectors
    4. Wire your ECU's outputs for each relay control (if applicable) to the designated Deutsch connectors
    5. Supply battery power to the rear of the fuse box.



      • ECU/IGN
      • Starter Solenoid
      • Fuel Pump
      • Water Pump
      • Fan


      • IGN
      • Starter (Momentary)
      • Water Pump Override
      • Fan Override
      • Front/Rear Lights
      • Spare 12V Output

      Upon receipt of your order, a PDF Spec Form will be e-mailed so we can gather all of the required information to produce your bespoke wiring solution.

      Each Race Spec loom is built to order to ensure all of the client's specifications are met, shown is an example with the following provisions.

      12/1 We are no longer offering these as a terminated set.