Race Spec Master Ident Kit

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A common problem when building a loom is the presence of multiple like-colored wires, solutions include the use of striped wire OR wire identifiers. 

Striped wire may be preferred in certain applications though may be costly. The concept of a wire identifier is to match the color's corresponding numerical value to the connector, terminal position, or final destination based on the MIL-STD color code. 

Our 2250pc kit is unique as each identifier is printed with its corresponding number allowing for ease of use and less time spent referencing the color standard, ideal for a low volume builder who may prefer this in favor of the expense of stocking multiple striped color variations.


  • 75pc 1/16" 2:1, (10) Colors
  • 75pc 1/8" 2:1, (10) Colors
  • 75pc 3/16" 2:1, (10) Colors
  • Locking Lid Organizer