Race Spec | Etesta GPS6 (50Hz GPS & IMU)

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We're proud to introduce the Race Spec | Etesta GPS6 - we teamed up with Etesta to offer a motorsport grade, extremely fast GPS & IMU combined into tidy package. The GPS6' are CANbus equipped and work with MoTeC M1 1.4, C12X/C18X or any device capable of receiving user-defined CAN data.

Utilizing a 6061AL enclosure and a Deutsch Autosport Interconnection, the GPS6' are IP68 rated to ensure survival in harsh motorsport environments. 

  • GPS6 is equipped with internal antenna, all in one package. GPS6 Dual uses external antennas depending on the configuration
  • 50Hz GPS with fast speed measurement algorithm. Response time <10ms
  • 50Hz Built-in IMU (Roll, Pitch, Yaw) and Acceleration (X, Y, Z axes) sensors (GPS6 Only)

GPS6' are line-of-sight modules - they require the best possible signal and an open sky view. 

With our forthcoming GPS7 release, we will no longer be offering the GPS6 model. Though this is listed on clearance, it will be fully supported!


  • Operating voltage: 7 - 40V
  • Fusible: Internal 500mA PTC resettable fuse
  • Current Consumption: 80mA
  • Waterproof IP68
  • Mating Connector: ASL606-05SN