DCE EPAS Systems

DC Electronics have developed a complete range of standalone electric power-assisted steering systems (EPAS) for competition, road and marine use.

How It Works:
  • The EPAS system replaces the existing steering column.
  • An electric motor and torque sensor are fitted in-line with the steering column.
  • The torque sensor monitors the amount of force applied by the driver.
  • This signal is fed into the EPAS ECU where the motor delivers the appropriate amount of assistance to power the steering rack.


  • No hydraulics required.
  • Lighter than a comparable hydraulic system.
  • No hydraulic pump dragging on the engine.
  • Weight of steering adjustable.
  • Data available over CAN bus (certain systems only).
  • Can be retro fitted to existing steering system.

Pictured Kit: Pro Street 108 Rotary System

Other Kits: EPAS Systems Comparison

EPAS Diagram